7 Tips to Reduce Speaker Hesitation

uhs and Ums & Ya Knows

                                             7 Tips for Reducing Public Speaker Hesitations We’re only human.  People stumble and pause with Uhs…Umms…Ya Knows in public speaking. Here are 7 Tips, that I offer as a speechwriter and speech coach, to reduce these all too human “transition stops” … Continue reading


Marianne Fleischer - Off the Clock

It started out innocent enough.  I just wanted to check out the acoustics in a workshop room I’ll be renting in August. The venue manager said there was a PUBLIC event Sunday. I could just slip in the back.  So at 7pm I parked at Fort Mason; a converted military base, creatively re-imagined as a thriving arts and conference center—on the San Francisco waterfront. I took a seat as the room filled up with about 100 people.

Suddenly I realized I was at an AA Meeting.

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Cool Under Fire© Workshops  

Improv for business–coming out of San Francisco now–is in high demand.

Working people are hungry for Improv’s high quality human connection. Improv-style workshops like Fleischer Communications jumpstart key soft skills:  handling Q&A, holding your own on panels, winning back distracted audiences, doing interviews well or pitching up & down the food chain. Fleischer workshops give people courage to handle rapid change—and hold their own.

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