Following are client testimonials for the services provided by Fleischer Communication:

“Clearly, you and fellow co-producer Diane Friedman were the get-things-done-brains to get our business series on the air. You also helped me, a writer more comfortable in print than TV–feel relaxed on camera.”

  Newsweek Magazine columnist, financial author, + TV host of PBS-TV 13-week series “Take Charge”


“You’re fast. I had the same speechwriter for 14 years. When he left  you were brand new to me. Yet you picked up the ball right away. Good job prepping a deep audience analysis.”

–  CEO, Autodesk


“Fantastic job, Marianne. Very nicely done. You added the comedic elements and the threads that tied it all together. Of course now I have to hunt down a zillion more image and sound elements because of your great ideas—but it’s worth the work. Great stuff.”

–  Director of yearly sales event, WebEx


“You clearly understand our objectives and “get” our culture. Thanks for making my job easier. The fact that you are a very solid writer goes without saying. Great job.”

–  VP, Sr. Producer, Wells Fargo Bank 


“I would be happy to scream from a mountaintop your professional demeanor, ease of communication and kick-ass quality work.”

–   NYC graphic designer working with Sony Nat’l Sales meeting


“You have a reporter’s tolerance for being edited by many hands—while not losing your unique voice.”

–   VP Engineering, Apple Computer


“This is the first time I’ve ever worked with a communications coach. You have been so helpful in elevating my communication efforts—to the Board of Directors and the VCs.”

–  CEO, Centellax Software


“On behalf of the Board and staff of SFSV I want to commend your stunning work in producing our annual benefit. It takes a remarkable person to come in cold, assess so clearly the complexity of the job, and then work so imaginatively putting the event together. And then–when the emcee walked out on us, 10 minutes in and you had to think on our feet and take over as emcee—well I am still getting calls from people who were so moved. “

–  Executive Director, San Francisco School Volunteers


“We couldn’t have pulled off the comedy sketches without your clear guidance and expert direction, which brought the house down…the president of Sony/U.S.A. said that Sean’s keynote speech (w/you as speechwriter) was the best Sony speech he had ever heard.”

–  VP, Consumer Products Div., Sony


“Although I am fortunate to have many kudos as a speaker, I needed that extra polishing. You are expert at giving feedback without ruffling feathers. You brought clarity to my materials. Your sense of the marketplace has proven invaluable. There is always a laugh, wisdom or downright ‘real talk” in your emails.  People should pay you $1,000 an hour!”

– President, Fleming Communications


“You and I had a plan and really worked the plan. And all this prep paid off.  I used all your stuff. About half the people in audience came up afterwards to say ‘Great Job’.  Working with you was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done at work all year.  My boss said that our Forum was a model of how presentations should be at Genentech and mentioned me by name.”

–  Sr. Marketing Director, Genentech


“Thanks for all of your consulting and coaching. You have been so helpful and a joy to work with on this project. I will definitely incorporate your advice in my presentations going forward. You have a real eye for cutting to the chase.”

– SVP, Genentech


“Thanks so much for the great skills you taught us in the recent workshop. I got to use them really fast in a presentation I just gave. You taught me a lot; how to get people’s attention, how to switch gears and how to answer tough questions under pressure.  I learned so much and could apply it so quickly.”

–   Manager, Volunteer Center of Sonoma County