Fleischer Communications is dedicated to “Customer Delight”—as a strategist, Creative, coach or project manager. In client relations you’ll know clear roles, timelines and a transparent approval process. Count on Fleischer Communications to estimate budgets well and stay on budget. We’re clear. You’ll always receive insightful recaps and Next Steps in writing.

Fleischer Communications attracts top Fortune 500 clients –plus entrepreneurs and key non-profits. Long-standing clients and repeat business speak to building trust. With a background in theater, TV, the Creative Arts and Improv, delivering the “WOW’ factor is in our DNA.  Being a boutique consulting firm, you will always get the principal founder, who believes in customized solutions to your unique needs.

Assoc. Training & Development
Esquire Magazine
Farm Trails
Hewlett Packard
Jack Morton Productions
Kaiser Permanente

Northwestern Mutual
One World Music

Pacific Bell/Telesis
Pantheon Ventures
PBS-TV (nat’l)
Stanford University
Turner Broadcasting
Web Ex
Wells Fargo Bank
University of CA/UCSF
Volunteer Ctr. of Sonoma Cty.
Warner Bros. TV

“You clearly understand our objectives and “get” our culture. Thanks for making my job easier. The fact that you are a very solid writer goes without saying. Great job.”

–  VP, Sr. Producer, Wells Fargo Bank 

“We couldn’t have pulled off the comedy sketches without your clear guidance and expert direction—and which brought the house down…The president of Sony/U.S.A. said that Sean’s keynote speech (w/you as speechwriter) was the best Sony speech he had ever heard.”

–  VP, Consumer Products Div., Sony

“You and I had a plan and really worked the plan. And all this prep paid off.  I used all your stuff. About half the people in audience came up afterwards to say ‘Great Job’.  Working with you as a Speechwriter-Speech Coach was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done at work all year.  My boss said that our Forum was a model of how presentations should be at Genentech and mentioned me by name.”

– Sr. Marketing Director, Genentech

“Fantastic job, Marianne. Very nicely done. You added the comedic elements and the threads that tied it all together. Of course now I have to hunt down a zillion more image and sound elements because of your great ideas—but it’s worth the work. Great stuff.”

–  Director of yearly sales event, WebEx